Document Management with M-Files

When customers ask for proof that M-Files document management software will help them work smarter, we tell them we are proof. Preferred uses M-Files. So, we know firsthand what a difference it can make.

Besides making our documents easier to store, find and share, the software completely changed the way we interact with our business data and each other. And we're not alone. Customer after customer who implements the software discovers a more efficient way to consolidate documents and data across their entire enterprise ... and then use that information in automated workflows that make everyone's job that much easier.

Here's how:

Put better data at your fingertips.

Imagine all of your customer contracts are stored in a secure location on your network (or in the cloud) and can be accessed by all your reps and your customer support team from any computer or mobile device at any location. And instead of searching through folders to find the right contract, users simply key in a few search words.

Now imagine anytime a new contract is created, a work order is automatically sent via email to your installation engineers. And once they schedule the appointment, a notification goes directly to your sales rep confirming the appointment. And if the customer needs additional support down the road, any issues or interaction surrounding that contract are added to the file and automatically forwarded to the appropriate team.

M-Files Document Management software:

  • Builds business intelligence into your workflows by automating tasks and streamlining the flow of information throughout the process.
  • Protects you from risk by providing a secure environment for your data, creating audit trails and allowing you to set permissions for access to confidential information.
  • Eliminates wasted search time, because you can find the necessary information instantly without navigating through a complicated folder structure.
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise systems including ERP and CRM to provide consistent information across the entire organization.
  • Enables users to share information and collaborate more easily by managing any type of content throughout your enterprise, including customer data, contacts, projects, audits and more.
  • Provides automated backup, archiving and replication, disaster recovery and compliance support.