Managed IT Systems: Professional support for your time-stressed IT staff.

We know that every area of your business can be hectic and prone to stress. But there's a special kind of pressure involved with IT, simply because the stakes are higher. When a server goes down in the middle of a busy workday, it means instant losses in productivity and, ultimately, sales. That can be extremely costly. There's also the constant pressure to stay one step ahead of new technology and industry best practices. And, of course, there are your end users. Someone needs to make sure they understand your technology and are using it effectively... and be on hand to troubleshoot their issues.

It's no wonder so many IT professionals come to us needing some help.

CIO expertise for the bigger picture

Need help beyond your day-to-day IT issues? Our Virtual CIO Service offers CIO-level expertise to help you make more strategic short and long-term technology decisions. We'll provide you with a thorough assessment of your current IT environment, insight into how the right technology can take your business to the next level and ongoing support in prioritizing and monitoring your technology goals. Our Virtual CIO Service helps you to take a more proactive role in driving your business where you want it to be.


Turn over your day-to-day maintenance and support to us.

Preferred's Managed IT Services can provide your time-stressed IT staff with sanity-saving relief. We offer high-end expertise to help you proactively manage your IT infrastructure, while being a friendly voice at the end of the line for a troubled end user. We help you manage the day-to-day maintenance and support responsibilities so you can run your business more effectively.

No worries. It's covered.

Most providers only support certain components in their Managed IT plan. They'll cover these desktops and those servers, but not this router or that switch. Preferred is different. It doesn't matter what hardware or what software you're using, we'll provide support. So, you never have to worry about who's maintaining what. We've got it covered.

Add our team of certified systems engineers and technical representatives to your staff.

At Preferred, we don't outsource our services offshore. All of our Managed IT Services include remote and on-site maintenance from our team of certified systems engineers and technical representatives throughout the Upper Midwest and nationally. Our network professionals are certified at the highest level for their area of expertise. We know your technology inside and out. Which means we're qualified to fix your problem on the spot and not just run through a checklist.

A friendly voice for Baby Boomers to Gen Ys.

We understand how demographics and generational differences affect the way users interact with their technology. A Baby Boomer may want an entirely different experience than a Generation Y user. So we customize our support to each user's specific needs. And we use performance metrics to track how well we're doing and make sure we're hitting the mark with our user base.

Our Managed Services include:

Desktop/Server Management: Unlimited, quick and friendly technical assistance for your computer users and network administrator from our location. If an issue can't be resolved over the phone or remotely, a Preferred engineer can be on-site to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Help Desk Support: Unlimited help desk support from technical experts who can resolve everyday computer-related issues. We provide support for any question that relates to your organization's networks, PCs and Microsoft applications (i.e. login authentication, connectivity issues and application support). For even more peace of mind, 24/7 help desk support is available if needed.

Network Management: Proactive monitoring and maintenance of your network environment to immediately detect and resolve any potential network problems. We provide availability, event log, backup and drive-space monitoring; monthly status reporting; anti-virus software management; and security, file sharing and user administration.

Cloud Computing: An economical way to buy computing power, because you only pay for the computing resources you actually use. You can dynamically increase or decrease those resources as your needs change.

Storage Backup and Disaster Recovery Management: Near real-time backups and seamless off-site storage along with multi-year archiving and fast server virtualization capabilities. Replace management-intensive and error-prone tape backups and simplify the protection of your company's server with reliable, automated backup and assured data recovery.

Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS): Help desk, remote and on-site support for OCS including Live Meeting, Desktop Sharing, Instant Messaging and end user devices. We also provide application maintenance and monitoring and security updates.

Microsoft Exchange Server: Support, maintenance and monitoring and security update services for your Microsoft Exchange server including Unified Messaging, Auto Attendant Setup and after-hours and holiday greetings.

Client Business Review (CBR): Information about your network, desktops, servers, storage backup and disaster recovery systems. We monitor your IT environment to help you efficiently track and manage your network systems and devices.