Firewalls: Smart security for the real world.

It's no secret that the Internet can be a challenge for network security. But, did you know you're 27 times more likely to pick up malicious content using a search engine versus counterfeit software? And 128 times more likely by clicking into an online advertisement versus an adults-only site? According to Cisco's Annual Security Report, today's cybercriminals are targeting the sites you're more likely to access, including news and business websites. In fact, the most common online activities carry the most risk.

What's more, today's hackers are constantly devising ways to break through the typical security policies with applications that can hop ports, web-widgets that download malicious content and advanced viruses that capture confidential enterprise data.

Our certified systems engineers can help your business secure your applications and networks while providing your internal staff, business partners and remote workers with the freedom they need to connect, communicate and do business.

Our firewall solutions can arm you with network intelligence and control. Preferred uses industry-leading tools that enforce security based on the entire context of a situation, including who the user is, what application or website the user is trying to access, where the access originates, when it occurs and how the device is attempting access.


A context-aware firewall offers a more comprehensive, intelligent and flexible solution than other firewalls that only recognize a portion of the context.

BYOD without the OMG!

As bring-your-own-device (BYOD) workplaces become the norm, businesses need security solutions that can determine which devices are authorized to access the network and which ones aren't. We can help you create a firewall solution that prevents unauthorized devices from connecting to your network and ensures those that are authorized have the appropriate security safeguards in place.

The Good, the Bad, and the Unproductive.

If your users have access to inappropriate, offensive and illegal Internet content, liabilities can be just a click away. Inappropriate use of the Internet can also be a huge drain on productivity. A next generation, application-aware firewall blocks certain content and activities on certain sites, which gives you even more flexibility to determine what your users can access and what they can't. So, for example, they can log in to Facebook, but only participate in certain activities. This gives you more peace of mind knowing your users are accessing only the content you've determined is appropriate.