Network Management: Proactive remote and on-site support.

It's 3:15 a.m. and your network just went down. You won't realize there's a problem until 6:30, when your shipping crew shows up and realizes it can't access customer orders. At 7:00, your first customer care reps will arrive and discover they can't make calls without access to the CRM system. And an hour later, a low grumble will spread across the organization, gaining intensity and fervor as your remaining employees realize their virtual desktops aren't accessible. Your IT Manager picked the wrong week to go on vacation.

With Preferred's Network Management Services, this outage would have been detected at precisely 3:15. One of our certified systems engineers and technical representatives would have been diagnosing the problem immediately to get your network back up and running as quickly as possible.


Rest easy. We've got this covered.

We know how critical your network is to the day-to-day workings of your business. Every minute your network is down means losses in productivity and potential sales. Our Network Management services help prevent downtime by providing proactive and round-the-clock management of your technology. From basic support to a plan that includes all of your hardware and maintenance, you can customize the level of IT service that's right for you.

Network Management Services include:

  • Network maintenance and monitoring
  • Monitoring of attached network devices
  • Availability, event log, backup, and drive space monitoring
  • Monthly status reporting
  • Anti-virus software management
  • Implementation of needed upgrades, patches or enhancements
  • Security, file sharing, and user administration

Put our team of network experts on your staff.

If you're like most small to mid-sized companies, you have a diverse mix of technologies and computer issues to support. It can be tough keeping up with all of the latest systems and best practices. With Preferred managing your network, it's like adding some of the industry's top resources to your IT staff. All of our network professionals are certified at the highest level for their area of expertise. As a result, we staff certified systems engineers and technical representatives throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Remote or on-site, we'll take care of it.

If you have an issue with your network, we'll take care of it - whether it's done remotely or on-site. While some companies only offer remote service, we provide a service staff in the field who can take care of issues on-site, if necessary. Because there are times you simply need an on-site tech. Either way, we're here with the right people to keep your network running smoothly.