Network Security: A holistic approach to keeping your business secure.

Margaret has been working in accounting for 15 years. You'd trust her with your life. Maybe even your '68 Camaro. Last night, when Margaret was searching for recipes so she could bring something tasty to her church potluck, she unknowingly downloaded a virus onto her laptop. This morning, when she logged onto your network with the same laptop, the device bypassed your firewall and your antivirus software and exposed your entire network to the virus ... which locked up all of your customer files for three days.

Security issues have changed. It's not enough to guard your network from external threats. As more and more employees bring in their own devices, your network is more susceptible to attacks from the inside.

At Preferred, we take a holistic approach to security. We look at your external and internal policies and management and come up with a design that's just right for you. Our goal is to provide your end users the greatest amount of flexibility, while securely protecting your users, information, applications and network.


Our network security solutions include:

Firewalls: Our certified Cisco engineers can help your business secure your applications and networks while providing your internal staff, business partners and remote workers the freedom they need to connect, communicate and do business.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems: We'll arm your network with the intelligence to instantaneously recognize and mitigate attacks, threats, exploits, worms and viruses. Our intrusion prevention systems give you passive and real time monitoring of your network.

Content and URL Filtering: Our filtering and monitoring software prevents your users from accessing inappropriate, offensive and illegal content on the Internet, which can be an expensive liability.

Authentication/Identification: To help you protect your confidential corporate information, Preferred provides innovative and reliable authentication and identification solutions, including authentication software, key fobs and biometric authentication.

Data Encryption: To reduce risks associated with collecting, analyzing and sharing sensitive information, Preferred provides data encryption software to secure your wireless connections, Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Secure Socket Layers (SSL).