FP FPi-4500 Series

FP FPi-4500 Series

The FPi-4500 can easily process supplements like reply cards, flyers, or return envelopes. Compact in size and quiet in operation, the FPi-4500 series fits into any busy office environment.

  • Medium duty
  • 3,600 letters/hour
  • 2-3 feeder stations
FP FPi-600 Desktop

FP FPi-600 Desktop

This amazingly quiet, compact table-top inserting system offers high performance in a small package and fits into any office.

  • Light duty
  • 1,350 letters/hour
  • 2 sheet feeders plus 1 insert feeder
FP FPi-2300 Series

FP FPi-2300 Series

Designed for the small to moderate quantities of mail, the FPi-2300 series is fast, and extremely simple to use.

  • Light-medium duty
  • 2,200 letters/hour
  • Up to 2-1/2 feeder stations
FP FPi-5600 Series

FP FPi-5600 Series

Engineered for high-volume daily operation and versatility, the FPi-5600/6600 can be expanded to additional document stations at any time.

  • Medium-heavy duty
  • 4,000 letters/hour
  • 2-6 feeder stations
  • Optional 325-envelope Vertical Power Stacker
FP FPi-6600 Series

FP FPi-6600 Series

The FPi-6600 handles complex, high-volume mail preparation with ease.

  • Heavy duty
  • 4,300 letters/hour
  • 2-6 feeder stations accommodates up to 3,000 sheets at a time
  • Includes 500-envelope Vertical Power Stacker
  • 10.4” color touch screen