KIP 7700/7900

KIP 7700/7900


KIP 7700/7900 Print Systems Features
KIP 7700/7900 network print systems employ highly advanced imaging technologies to deliver outstanding fine line detail, superior half tones & smooth gradients. These systems efficiently produce documents sent via application drivers, networked PC’s or web based applications and submission tools.

Enhanced 600 x 1800 DPI Imaging Technology realistically renders accurate gray scale information and fine line capabilities to satisfy the most exacting quality standards.

  • 600 x 1800 DPI Imaging Technology
  • 100% toner efficiency
  • Touch screen with advanced user management
  • KIP software applications, certified drivers & accounting tools
KIP 7700/7900 Multifunction Systems
The KIP 7700/7900 systems combined with the KIP 600A scanner handle the full spectrum of monochrome and color scanning applications making it ideal for technical imaging as well as full color graphics.

In addition, the KIP 7700/7900 Multifunction Systems provide the capability to scan to network PCs, web based plan room applications, removable media drives or create color copies directly to inkjets from the touch screen user interface.

  • Small system footprint with no additional PCs
  • Color copy & print directly to inkjet printers
  • Wide range of mono & color scan formats
  • Image presets with copy and scan previews
  • Maximum color quality control

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